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Tips for Online Dating


This article will cover the top three tips for online dating. You will learn the most important things to being successful with online dating, by reading the content of this article. This is based on experience from years of using various online dating sites, and will hopefully help you to achieve the kind of success you want with online dating. So grab a cup of Cranbury juice and enjoy reading this article…


1: Write a lot of introduction emails – it takes a lot of introduction emails to be successful with online dating. You really have to have a thick skin when it comes to dating online, because people will not read the emails you send them for variety of reasons. Some of those reasons might include they are not paid up on the online dating service they are using and therefore can’t reply to emails. Or perhaps they just get so many emails from people that they are only able to answer a few of them a day. Many emails will fall by the wayside and never get answered at all. Even worse some messages even get deleted before they are even read because you’re don’t meet the criteria of being 6 feet tall. So you have to write a lot of email messages to be successful. Use a program like Online Dating Automator to send out custom one-off messages to daters of your choice. It’s a lot quicker than sending one email at a time, and helps you to make contact with enough people to really be successful with online dating.


2: Send custom one-of-a-kind emails – nobody wants to read boring copy and paste emails. They are boring to read and boring to write. You will not find yourself successful in online dating in the long-term if you are sending copy and paste emails. One of the best tips I can give you for online dating is to send one off, unique emails to everybody that you message. People are much more taken back when you take the time to actually read their profile, and comment on something they written about. Or even comment on one of their pictures. That’s better than sending some generic copy and paste email that you sent to the last 25 people. You can use a program like Online Dating Automator to send custom one-of-a-kind emails to everyone on your list. Online Dating Automator software will take a look at what’s been written in the profile and comment on those facts in the introduction email. So in fact every email that’s being sent out has been customized and is unique to the recipient. However you’re able to send them out in great quantity and very fast while not even sitting in front of your computer. Online Dating Automator’s is a completely automated solution for sending out introduction emails.


3: Write a really kick ass online dating profile – this is so important I cannot emphasize enough. You have to have a kick ass online dating profile to succeed. When you meet someone in the real world, they can interact with you while talking and begin to learn who you are as a person. Through your mannerisms and what you say, people can learn about you, and judge whether not they are attracted to you. But with online dating people are being attracted to you from what you write your online dating profile. So what you write on your online dating profile actually has to kick ass. Play up your good points, without sounding cocky, make yourself sound like you have your life figured out, or at least are moving in the right direction to be successful. Really play up your good points, like if you play basketball, let everybody know just how good you are. If you are into computers let people know that you’re the leader of your team. Play up your profile to make yourself sound successful and you will be successful in finding yourself attracting the opposite sex.


This article has covered the most important tips for online dating. If you would like to learn more check out the Online Dating Automator website or forum to learn much more about online dating tips and advice for success. You can also use the Online Dating Automator program in order to be much more successful with online dating. Check it out on our website.


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