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Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers To the Most
 Commonly Asked Questions…

  Q: I have failed at online dating before. It’s tedious. Why is this any different?
A: Genie makes online dating FUN again by automating the painful process of writing and sending custom messages to users on the 5 largest dating sites.
  Q: Do I have to have accounts on all sites?
A: No. Just accounts on the sites you use.
  Q: I suck at writing online dating messages. I have no idea what to write. What do I do?
A: Online Dating Genie ships with stock messages to use that will quickly get you results!
  Q: Is a credit card or email address required to try out your software?
A: Absolutely NOT! You can download the program for free with NO credit card and NO email address.
  Q: How long is the demo good for and what are its limitations?
A: The demo runs for 30 days and sends only 5 messages per day per site.
  Q: What are some of the limitations of the Basic version versus the Professional version of Genie?
A: The Professional version sends unlimited messages vs. 25 with Basic.
  Q: What are some other differences between the Basic and the Professional versions?
A: You have access to "follow-up" messages & "smart message templates" in the Pro version.
  Q: Is it worth getting the Professional version over the Basic version?
A: Yes! Absolutely! The Pro version is how we intended the program to be. Basic is very limited.
  Q: Is Genie hard to use? How long does it take to fully understand it?
A: Not at all & very little time. A great deal of effort was made so that it is extremely easy to learn and master.
  Q: Do I have to be good with computers to use Online Dating Genie?
A: No! Genie was written for both the computer novice and professional nerds!
  Q: What type of support materials are available to fully understand Genie?
A: It ships with a built in interactive tutorial & help manual and you can watch support videos from the web site or download the "Illustrated User Manual".
  Q: I understand you are only selling 100 copies of Genie & then you are stopping it forever. How many copies do you have left?
A: As of the last update we are down to 23 licenses available. We are almost sold out.
  Q: Once I order how long does it take to setup?
A: You can have Genie licensed and installed in around 30 seconds after purchase.
  Q: How realistic do the messages sound that Genie creates and sends?
A: The messages Genie creates and sends are on par with human quality.
  Q: Will this program be detected by the sites?
A: No. It uses "human simulation" to perform tasks and take breaks the same as a human would.
  Q: Do Do I need a super high-end computer to run Genie?
A: No. Genie is not resource heavy. It will run fine on old machines.
  Q: What do I need to run Online Dating Genie?
A: Genie will run on any Windows PC Running 8, 7, Vista & XP.
  Q: What if I have a MAC?
A: We are working on creating a MAC version. For now use an emulator like Parallels.
  Q: How much is Online Dating Genie?
A: We are currently running it on sale. Press "Buy" button to check the current low price.
  Q: Is this a onetime purchase or an expensive monthly subscription?
A: For a LIMITED time Genie is being sold as a one-time buy-out price. No hidden fees!
  Q: Are there discounts available to purchase multiple license of Genie?
A: Yes. There are discounts available if you buy 5 licenses or more at a time.
  Q: What if I don’t like Online Dating Genie and want to return it?
A: You have 90 days to test and use the software. If you don’t like it return it for a full refund.
  Q: If I return the product in 90 days for a full refund, can I keep the bonus gifts?
A: Yes! Keep the bonus gifts on us as a thank you for trying our software.
  Q: What if I can’t afford it or I want to make payments?
A: Use Bill Me Later by PayPal at checkout. No payments for 6 months!
  Q: What are you waiting for?
A: Get your LICENSED copy of Online Dating Genie now and go meet some beautiful women!


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