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How to Write an Online Dating Profile


Writing a good online dating profile is extremely important if you expect to be successful with online dating. When you meet somebody in real life, you have a chance to talk with them, and interact with them in normal everyday conversations. This could have been at the supermarket, or even at the gas station. You really have no idea when you’ll meet somebody, and start talking to them. When you meet somebody in real life, you immediately get to know them based on their personality, their expressions, what they say, and how they act. When you’re doing this with online dating, you only have a profile, and the photos of the person to get to know them by. So you can see how important it is to have a really good online dating profile. This article will tell you how to write an online dating profile that gets attention and gets you a more dates.


Writing an online dating profile is something you’ll find yourself doing whenever you don’t quite get the responses you want looking for when online dating. Writing a online dating profile is something you should experiment with and keep rewriting until you really nail one. When I say nail what I mean is a profile that really gets people’s attention, entices them to not only write you emails, but to respond in high numbers to the emails you write to them.

When writing an online dating profile it’s important to portray the image of an active, and exciting lifestyle. You really want your life to look like it’s on track, and filled with fun and adventure. You want your life to be an attractive place for somebody else to be. Consider it to be a mini vacation for the other person. You should betray your best possible lights and your best features when you’re creating your online dating profile. Take the time to figure out what’s really best about yourself was really unique about yourself and write that into your online dating profile. Really play up your good points. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of embellishment here. You want to make yourself sound as great as you possibly can in your online dating profile. But don’t write too much great stuff about yourself, or you might can come off as arrogant for cocky. Show a sense of self worthiness and successfulness and people will be attracted.


You can use a program like Online Dating Automator to browse through a community of prewritten profiles. You can then choose from profile templates that other users in the community have written for themselves, and got voted to the top. Users of Online Dating Automator can share their winning profiles with other users in the community, and then users of those profiles in both back template into the top of the profiles category. So it’s real quick and easy to find yourself a winning online dating profile. One that had been used by others, one that works. Just download a profile template from the online dating profile template system and modify it to fit your personality. If you’re a DJ and you do that for musical exercise instead of playing the guitar, then change guitar playing to DJ. Customize the community profiles to match your personality, and you already be off to a great running start.

I hope you have learned some important tips for writing a good online dating profile. This is really not the place to skimp, so make the profile as good as you can. Or use a program like Online Dating Automator to start with someone else’s profile and modify it to fit your own needs. This might be easier for some of you and we would highly recommend it.


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