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Templates Make It Possible To Send Unique Messages To Every Dater You Email:

Templates are the core of Online Dating Automator. The emails you send, along with the subject line, and even your profile is based on our advanced template replacement engine. Let’s take a look at how a generic email message can be customized to be extremely accurate, when targeting individual daters.

You write your own email template in plain English, using our “easy” template editing system. However, in place of the person’s name, you will use the variable that holds the name for this user. This is accomplished by simply pressing the “User Alias” button when writing your email, and a place holder is inserted temporally. Now when you actually send the message, the user’s name placeholder is actually replaced with the “current” users name! “Hello Sally. My name is So-&-So. It’s nice to meet you!”

You can begin to see how powerful this template based system is, when you start using more and more variables. Like the daters age, astrological sign, city they live in, and whether or not they have pets. You can construct a template based email that is tailored specific for every dater you message, based on what they have written in their user profile. The best part is successful templates can be shared amongst our community, and even voted upon. Downloading a template that works for you is just a few mouse clicks away! Edit the template as needed…

Your user profile is also a template. You fill out various fields in the profile swapper system, and in 1-click you can change out your profile for another. This makes it extremely fast for trying out new things. If you are happy with the results, leave it in place. If not, 1-click is all it takes to restore your previous profile template.

Online Dating Automator makes it extremely quick and easy to send custom emails, and change your profile, based on our innovative template system. Now you can comment “I also love to walk on the beach” to anyone that has mentioned this in their profile, through the use of our template based system & our powerful variable replacement engine.

Templates can be shared amongst the community for increased variation, and success. With ODA, it’s never been easier to send fresh and unique messages to online daters of your choice, as well as experimenting with different profile templates to see what works best for you. Online Dating Automator virtually guarantees your success with online dating.


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