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Read your emails from online dating sites in a much more friendly fashion. No more going back and forth through past messages, to try to piece together a conversation thread. With Online Dating Automator, messages in your in-box will appear like a text conversation from a smart-phone. The he said/she said back and forth messages will be displayed in colored bubbles, as a representation of who said what. With such a powerful, yet simple feature in place, reading long message threads has been made fun again. It’s never been easier, or more natural to read all your inbox conversations, than it is now with Online Dating Automator.



You may know that one of the most frustrating things with modern online dating, is that dating sites regularly, and frequently delete your inbox messages. Many will do so after a grace period of 30-90 days. The problem is that sometimes you want to reference those “old” messages when “re-kindling” an old flame, or past prospect. You might want to reference something they once said to you, or re-iterate something you once said to them. It is times like this that you will want to reference those old messages. But, to your surprise the message you knew you saved is no longer in your in-box or saved messages folder. It was deleted by the dating site to save space on their servers, and you are out of luck!

This is no longer a problem with Online Dating Automator. ODA will download and save ALL your inbox messages locally to your computer, like Outlook. This way you will always have access to your emails no matter how long it’s been. No more stress watching those warning flags on Match turn red as your email’s lifespan is almost over. Save all your emails and access them when you want with Online Dating Automator.



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