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No More Boring & Time¬† Consuming “Copy & Paste” Emails Needed To Be Successful With Online Dating:

The days of copy & pasting emails is over! Everyone knows that to succeed in online dating, you have to send a lot of messages, before you find daters whom you are compatible with. Many have turned to the dreaded copy and paste method, for sending out a ton of “similar” emails, in a very short amount of time. You know, the technique when you write a very generic introduction message, and send it to a ton of daters all at the same time. You are NOT the only one who has ever thought about doing this! It’s un-original…

The results are usually the same. People calling you out on your generic “boring” message, or even worst, no response at all. Let’s face it. Sending “copy and paste” generic emails is boring to write, and even more boring to read. Plus it still takes a ton of time to do this manually, on your own. But, the days of boring copy and paste emails are over now that you have Online Dating Automator!

Online Dating Automator amongst other things, is a complex email generation and email sending system. In the first step, you select the daters you wish to email, by doing a simple user search on a dating site, and selecting the users you are interested in. Then you select an email template from the “pre-saved” list, or write your own. The program will automatically replace variables like USERNAME with the actual name of the daters being emailed. So now, you are sending a 1-off custom emails to users, that have been custom tailored for them, and therefore not as generic sounding. For instance, you can mention that you love their city of “Miami Beach, Fl”, and once had a great vacation there!

Emails being sent can be modified much more beyond just inserting their name, or city. For instance, you can even comment on their sign, or make a cute comment about them owning cats and dogs at the same time. Anyone who would put two arch enemies together, in the same house, deserves a compliment for making world piece; or a stern talking to for making life stressful for a couple of furry critters. The point is with ODA, you can now automatically send these types of custom messages, based on their profile data. No longer will you be reliant on the old, and boring “copy and paste” technique to send emails quickly. Now all your emails can be 1-off, custom, and very detailed — and sent automatically while you are in another room doing something you enjoy more than sending emails manually.

You will receive much better responses with 1-off custom emails anyway, than you will with generic “copy and paste” emails. Online Dating Automator lets you send emails automatically, that are custom tailored for each user it is being sent to. The remarkable detail mentioned in the introduction emails, often is enough to illicit a response from a good majority of daters, which is more potential for you! ODA is your solution to say “NO MORE” to generic copy and paste junk ¬†emails, and “HELLO” to fun to read, and interesting emails! ODA is here to make your dating life successful, and easy at the same time. Enjoy…


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