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By using Online Dating Automator, you are virtually guaranteed to successfully increase your response rate significantly, and in the long run go on many more dates, in order to meet the perfect soul mate for you.

ODA can help you achieve this success in a few different ways. The first is to increase the number of introduction messages you send out, ten-fold. You can target specifically the users whom you would like to meet, and send them 1-off custom emails, in a quick and automated fashion. By using community templates, you can immediately start to get the kind of success others have gotten from online dating with much more experience. The community design makes it possible to share and install successful templates, to increase your responses dramatically.

In addition to quickly writing your own email templates, and/or using templates you downloaded from the community, you can also use community profile templates for your own profile. Just customize as needed to fit your unique personality. In just minutes, you can give your online “self” a complete overhaul! Sometimes just changing a few words in your profile is enough to increase response. Radically enhancing your online dating profile with one downloaded from the community might just be the breath of fresh air your dating profile needs to start racking up those inbox messages, and eventual dates!

Online Dating Automator makes it quick and easy to send out large volumes of 1-off emails to daters, and reap the rewards of those efforts. Furthermore, ODA lets you use and share community templates so you can experience firsthand what a successful email or profile should look like. By combining these two things together, with the speed and power of ODA, you are all but guaranteed success with very little work on your part.

If you are ready to step it up a notch, and begin taking your online dating seriously, then ODA is the right choice for you! By significantly sending out more messages, and re-working your crusty old profile, you are just about guaranteed to receive many more flattering responses, leading to more dates, and eventually that magical relationship that you are looking for. Getting more responses is what ODA was made for; We make online dating fun again!


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Without Online Dating Genie you will continue to struggle to get beautiful women in your life. You will find yourself frequenting bars and night clubs to meet women who are indifferent to you and not interested in dating because they "have a boyfriend".

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You sit at home alone on the weekends because you have no girl of your own to take out to dinner and dancing. All your friends seem to have a beautiful woman in their lives, but you don't. Why is it so hard for me?

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Even worst, your existing dead-end relationship continues on because you have no other (better) options. So you stay with a woman who doesn't treat you right because you don't think any other woman will have you. Is this it for me?

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Do you really want life to continue like this when you can change it all now? You too can have beautiful women in your life. All you have to do is BELIEVE NOW and download or purchase Genie.

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We urge you to take the time to at least download and try Online Dating Genie FREE for 30 days. We are sure it will solve the problem of not having enough women to date in your life, add pleasure and romance, and remove the negative feelings of being "alone".

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The trial will tease you with possibilities, so when you are really ready to step up you game, purchase the full licensed version of Online Dating Genie, and sit back as she works 24x7 to get you dates for this coming week and beyond; completely unleashed!



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