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Online Dating Automator Will Filter and Screen Unwanted Messages, & Automatically Email Those Whom You Are Not Interested In:

Online Dating Automator is your secret weapon for handling loads of unwanted email. The reality of online dating is that some users receive far more inbox messages than they can possibly handle. This results in the “good” messages being “lost” amongst dozens, or even hundreds of other, unwanted messages.

Some online daters will even post in their profile NOT to message if you are under 6′ tall, or over a certain ¬†age, but the unwanted messages continue to flood in. The process of manually viewing each and every profile, screening for the characteristics you desire, and deleting the messages from the ones who lack those traits, is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. After a while it takes all the fun out of checking your inbox daily. There is just too much work involved in separating the diamonds from the ruff. But don’t despair…

Online Dating Automator solves this problem by letting you filter and screen ALL the messages in your in-box with just a few simple mouse clicks. The first step would be to select the attributes you are absolutely looking for, and then unleash ODA to scan all the profiles of members in your inbox, and filter out the entrees that do not match your criteria; IE: The daters who have the characteristics you DO want, are separated from those that don’t.

It is then a simple matter of deleting those that don’t live up to your expectations, resulting in you having much more time to actually reply to daters you have an interest in! Perhaps you don’t want to be rude and just delete dozens of would be potential dates without a word? ODA has you covered here too! You can easily and quickly message back all daters that do not have the attributes you are looking for, and tell them “Thank you for messaging me. But I am just not interested.” … And move on.

If you would like to go into more detail than that, you can tell Online Dating Automator to include a reason for the not interested letter like “You are too old for me”, or “I prefer my dates to be at least 6′ tall” or even “You seem really nice, but you are a bit too young for me”. This way you can be respectful of those that found you attractive enough to send an initial email, but not loose time messaging dozens of daters with whom you have no romantic interest in.

The dark underbelly of online dating is those daters that send overly suggestive or explicit emails which make you feel uncomfortable. ODA can screen for these types of messages automatically, using phrases you specify, and flag those messages for deletion automatically, so you don’t have to deal with it. This will clean up the quality of messages in your inbox considerably; if these types of “dirty” messages are a problem for you.

Online Dating Automator will quickly and easily give you the ability to screen and filter all your incoming mail. It will separate those emails whose profiles have the characteristics you are looking for, from those who don’t. In addition it will automatically reply to all the daters who emailed you, whom you are not interested in, and thank them for the email, and politely dismiss yourself from further conversation. Furthermore, ODA will pre-screen and deleted vulgar email before it has a chance to make it to your screen. Finally the quick ‘reply generator’ feature will further help to speed up your reply process. ODA is your solution for handling high-volumes of inbox messages from online dating sites, and making checking your mail fun again!


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