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Meet out staff:

Howard Walters; CEO


26 Years of Computer Experience
For This "Former Nerd"…

Howard Walters: So who am I? What are my qualifications for starting a software company? Why am I qualified to be offering expert guidance on online dating? Let's get right into it…

I have heavily been into computers at an expert level for 26 years. Some people have called me a nerd, but I have outgrown that stereotype and since became the "confident lady's man with a brain".

I Worked On Feature Films (12 Years) As a
Technical Consultant (While Studying Dating Science)
Before Getting Into Software Development

Before starting Online Dating Automation Tools in 2012, I worked as technical computer consultant in Hollywood, California on feature films and game projects such as "The Matrix", "Harry Potter", and "Starship Troopers", as well as classified projects for the military.

I Am An Expert In Software Design & Development

After that I turned my attention to software development and design, where I learned and honed my skills for 10+ years. I have actively been online dating for 15+ years and I am extremely successful at it.

I Am Also An Expert in Dating Sciences

In addition to software design, I have also intensively studied the dating sciences with experts in their field to learn everything I could about the female mind and how to become a more "attractive man".

I Am
Overly Qualified To Develop Software

I am qualified to be running a software company because I hold a degree in computer sciences from UCI (UC Irvine) and I am an expert in the field. Furthermore I am also an expert in dating as I have studied and applied teachings from the "gurus" in the industry for over 12 years.

I Developed [In-Part] Our Flag-Ship Product

I have used my extensive knowledge of computer and software design + my love for women and dating to develop Online Dating Genie. Our premiere "flagship" product that has taken the best programmers in the world over 4+ years and $50,000 to develop.



I Have Worked & Studied
 With The Top Leaders In
Dating Science

I have extensively worked with and vigorously studied the collective teachings of the following top dating science instructors:


David Wygant: David Wygant differs from other dating coaches by the fact that he coaches both men and women and that he advocates a natural and down to earth approach to dating.


David DeAngelo: DeAngelo is an acknowledged dating advisor and entrepreneur and is considered to be among the elite in the dating industry.


Vin DiCarlo: DiCarlo has worked hard and developed a large number of dating advice products and developed a strong brand name & reputation in the dating science industry.

  Erik von Markovik: Markovik's concepts and dating techniques have been inspired upon in some way for the creation of most of the training materials and products in the dating world today.

Carmen Tanglao Personal Assistant / Office Manager



Carmen Tanglao is the Office Manager for Online Dating Automation Tools. Her responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business, including AP/AR, billing, sales, and customer service. Her incredible organization skills keeps our team running smoothly. Carmen graduated with an AA in Business from Wade College. Prior to ODA, Carmen hailed from the IT Industry, and her love of relationship development inspired her to seek a career where she could immerse herself in it. She is the friendly voice on some of our videos our customers have grown so accustomed to hearing when watching our online video promotions, and she takes great pleasure in making sure each one is as clear and easy to understand as possible. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, and son, Michael. She also enjoys spending time in her personal garden, as well as entertaining. She is a huge advocate of online dating and often gives advice to friends and family, as well as lends creative ideas to our development staff for future features.

Lee Danilova Lead Programmer / Software Engineer



Lee has always had a passion for computers since a very early age. He has worked for several large corporate software companies before joining us at Online Dating Automation Tools. His experience and attention to detail is motivational for the entire development team. He is often the first one to start work in the morning and the last one to stop in the evening. Then it's on to putting the software to work to personally date and gather ideas. Somehow he has the willpower to get back to it the next morning. Lee is pivotal in the successful development of Online Dating Genie and a great team leader with a dedication to his crew (friends). In his spare time he dates women he met online and throws house parties. But lately he just spends most of his time at the studio tinkering with the fine details of ODG. "It can always be "better". We all believe in creating the best product that we can for our user base.

Michael Wyshynski Secondary Developer / Software Engineer



Michael is an expert level programmer and avid online dater. He has been dating solely online since his divorce 6 years ago. His programming skills and knowledge of online dating played a huge part in the development of Online Dating Genie. It is a software he has a passion for and was driven to be part of it's development. Michael has been programming since he was 12 years old and brags he can code in 17 different languages! He is a huge contributor to the development of our flagship product.

Aaron Thomas User Interface / Software Engineer



Aaron comes from the games industry and has tons of experience in user interface design. He has worked on countless triple-a titles over his career and brings that experience to Online Dating Automation Tools. He has a core belief that a software program should be extremely powerful, yet extremely easy to use. It's all about creating the interface in such a way where it just feels natural for the users. As if the program was an extension of their body; it should just flow. Attention to small detail and the bigger overall picture has lead to the successful deployment of Online Dating Genie which is extremely powerful yet very easy to use and learn. In his spare time Aaron loves FPS shooters, his Xbox, and playing guitar. He has a dog named Bruno.

Paul Brown IT Department / Lead Beta Tester



Paul is the go to guy when it comes to anything computer related. He is a genius when it comes to anything electronic, and has a way to fix nearly all problems without consulting the user's manual. He is somehow always a step ahead of the problems and keeps everything running smoothly. He is a huge advocate of online dating and has used it successfully to meet his last 2 girlfriends.

April Hoffman Marketing / Public Relations Manager



April is in a league of her own when it comes to marketing. A graduate from Columbia she brings a solid set of skills to the table. She handles all our on and offline advertising, as well as handles outside media relations.

Michael Crowder CPA / Accounting Department



What can we say about Michael? He sits in his office and punches numbers into his calculator. Just kind of does this for hours on end…


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You sit at home alone on the weekends because you have no girl of your own to take out to dinner and dancing. All your friends seem to have a beautiful woman in their lives, but you don't. Why is it so hard for me?

A Dead-End Relationship Is Even Worst!


Even worst, your existing dead-end relationship continues on because you have no other (better) options. So you stay with a woman who doesn't treat you right because you don't think any other woman will have you. Is this it for me?

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Here's What To Do AFTER She Shows Up for the Date...

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