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This Is Where I Started...  

This story is hard to tell because it's so personal. I have spent the majority of my life alone or in dysfunctional relationships. My last girlfriend was so selfish and self-centered that she firmly believed that her needs were the only ones of importance in our relationship and that mine were secondary.

The breaking point came when we were supposed to spend a romantic weekend (just the two) at a beach resort in Naples. The trip had been planned for weeks, and I thought we were both excited about spending some quality time together away from the stress of everyday life; I know I certainly was. Then out of nowhere and just hours before we were going to pack up the car and "get away" my girlfriend informs me that "she can't go" this weekend because her girlfriend is coming to town and they "have to hang out"! I don't think there was even a "sorry" anywhere in her explanation when she completely blew off our weekend plans!

My heart sank to the floor and I died a little bit inside, again, as her painful words filled my consciousness. The sad part is that I already knew somewhere deep down that something like this would happen, because it's happened before. I knew at this moment that if I continued a relationship with this woman, that this type of pain and rejection would never stop and life would continue to suck for me as long as we were together.

I'm Stuck & Can't Get Out...

I knew in my heart that I had to leave her, but I was worried that if I did I wouldn't be able to find another girlfriend. "I'm stuck" I thought to myself. Trapped in a relationship with little to no love left and nothing but pain and remorse to look forward to. I was scared to leave her because being alone might be worst, but then again how can anything be worst than being caught in a relationship where I seemed to be the only one who cared?

I seem to spend most of my free time worrying about "her problems" and working with her on a way to fix them. She usually does not put in even close to the same effort to help me with my "stresses" which mainly come from our turbulent relationship and my hectic work schedule as well as lack of free time.

I work as a freelance software and design consultant for a large Hollywood production company. We make feature films and are often on extremely tight deadlines just before a movie is about to be released. I hardly have time to think let alone go out and date. I look forward to leaving the office at night yet dread coming home. I feel like there's just no place for me sometimes and that I don't have any options...

I was sad, alone, overworked and very depressed. Furthermore, I was caught in a job that I didn't much care for and a relationship with a woman who didn't love me the way I loved her. Is this the bottom I thought? I can't believe that my life has turned into this. I have "no choices" and that feeling of "hopelessness" made it that much worst...

My "Light Bulb" Moment:  

Then one day at lunch one of my colleagues mentioned that he had met his fiance on Match and wanted to know if I wanted to come to his wedding? I was shocked that this guy had a girlfriend let alone a woman that wanted to marry him! I mean Jim was a nice guy and everything, but he was a total Dork! If he could meet a girl online who loved him, maybe I could to?

The rest of the day I thought about online dating as a way to get a new girlfriend and it actually made a lot of sense. I could meet girls online using just my computer, and I could talk to them and have conversations with them within my busy and hectic schedule. And I wouldn't have to go out, so I could also save some money for our dates; win-win.

I was convinced that this was the solution to my problems! I felt most comfortable behind a computer anyway and the thought of walking up to random girls in bars and nightclubs was a daunting one! "What if they had a boyfriend"? "What If I got socked in the mouth for talking to someone's girl? Dating online seemed like a much easier way of meeting people without spending a lot of money, and getting in fights! Maybe online dating is the answer I have been searching for?"

What's At Stake?:  

If I stay in this "toxic" relationship my life is going nowhere romantically. I dread coming home at night and would rather be at work. Yet when I am at work, I just want to go home. I feel trapped and have nowhere to go. If I continue like this I will end up a broken shell of a man like so many other guys who have been here before me. A wrecked ship washed ashore on some distant beach somewhere that nobody cares about anymore. Crushed and broken by the world and left to rot...

Every day that I stay in this no-good relationship is another day lost. I am getting older by the minute and will never be ever able to get this precious time back. If I don't "grab my balls" and make a move soon I will be either too old to meet a new girl or too "out of touch" to even know how! My own sanity and ego as a man is at stake here!

But alas, I am still too afraid to "break up" with her as if something inside me was tying me down, like some kind of invisible chain anchored securely to the floor. It was holding me down and made it impossible to move or break-free. But I was somehow comfortable in this dark cellar as it was familiar with its scent and scenery. It was home...

"Maybe things will get better" I thought as my birthday approached the following week. Our relationship has always been good in the past around this time of year...

My Breaking Point:  

I have been looking forward to my birthday celebration for months! This year I was going "all out". I hired a graphic designer from work to design me a sick birthday flyer that I would email to all my friends on Facebook. I put in a call to a good friend of mine who is a "super-star" DJ in Miami to come play at my party. I stopped by the liquor store to fill up on various assortments of adult beverages and then swung by the supermarket to stock up on all the junk food that any good party requires. I had the rainbow of chips and sauces from green, to orange to red to satisfy the mouths of all my hungry guests.

Today was my "big day" and the time was getting close. Work is almost over, and I have to get home to start setting up the festivities. I began to panic as maybe I didn't buy enough alcohol! It would be a disaster I thought to myself if we run out of things to drink or ice to keep the beverages cold. So I put in a frantic call to my girlfriend Rachael to stop by the store and pick up a few more things "just in case".

I was surprised she did not pick up her phone, so I left a message. On the way home, I tried calling her 2 more times, and still no answer. This is odd I thought to myself as I arrived home and started to setup. After a while this place was ready to go and it was time to hop in the shower and start getting ready. But still no word from my girlfriend and we needed more booze!

After a quick shower I raced to the store like some sort of bat out of hell to pick up more of the necessary tonics and brews that would ensure the debauchery would continue long into the wee hours of the morning. As I was making my way through the Vodka isle, my phone finally rang. "It's about time" my girl was calling! All I could think of is "where have you been" but none of it mattered as I would soon hear her voice and nothing else mattered...

"Hello" I answered in an excited and relieved voice! The moment of silence on the other end shocked me and I knew something was up. Chills went up my spine. Rachel took a moment to answer and then delivered the "bad news" in an unsympathetic voice.

"Baby. I am not going to be able to make it tonight. I had a rough day today in class, failed my bio test, and don't really feel much like celebrating." I stood there in Randy's Liquor Emporium dumbfounded white as a ghost as blood completely drained from my body. Each of her words struck me like bullets and took away a bit more of my life as each one passed though my lifeless shell of a body.

I had completely lost grip of the bottle of Greygoose I was holding and it fell to the floor and shattered much like my heart just did a moment before! Of all the guests I invited, Rachel was the only one that truly mattered to me and she had just given me some lame excuse as to why she would be missing my "big night" after promising me for weeks she would come.

I drove home half in a daze much like a zombie behind the wheel. I felt like "crying" inside but I "sucked it up!" I made up my mind at this exact moment, at the corner of 1st and Ocean that this was the last time I was going to let this girl hurt me! "No more!!"

How could someone that I care so much about continually do things to wound and destroy me? Nobody that loved me would treat me this way. I was delusional to think that she loved me at all. Her actions do not equate to love. I was tired of the bullshit and this was the last straw!! I would rather be alone than endure any more of this pain...

Evaluating My Situation:  

I tried my best to put on a smile at my birthday party, but it was fake and only on the surface. As if I was wearing some short of cheap mask that hid my "inner thoughts and feelings". My friends all asked were Rachel was and I regurgitated the same implausible story time and time again. Finally after I had a few drinks, the answer came out a little different. "Does it really matter?" I said! "She's not here and it doesn't really matter why. As a matter of fact she is not going to be in my life anymore after tonight." I said in a strangely confident and convincing voice.

After several hours the party finally began to wind down. The last bottle of Tequila had been drank, and the last beer disappeared from the cooler. Like a slow exodus, my friends and guests slowly trickled out the front door leaving me alone in my "emptiness" and to my sorrows.

I laid in my bed staring up at the ceiling. A bit tired and certainly more than a bit drunk. Suddenly it all hit me like a ton of bricks. My girlfriend, the love of my life just stood me up in front of all my friends and on my birthday that we had been planning for weeks! She tossed me to the side like a Styrofoam cup you discard after you have drank all your soda . She let me down for the last time...

I made the call at 3:47 AM and made it official. With the conviction of a judge handing down a sentence, I let her know just how I felt and made it clear that I was through suffering because of her bullshit and that this was the last straw! "We are breaking up!" I said in a stern and unwavering voice! She was unusually quiet as she absorbed the information like a wet sponge picks up water. Her silence could only mean she had no argument as it was obvious her total lack of "empathy" put her in the wrong! I have never heard her so quiet. I guess she would never expect this from me! Finally a surprise in our relationship! After a few more words and silence I was finally free of this shackle around my ankles... I was single!!

My dead-end relationship is finally over. I am now free and on my own again. This is my chance to get myself together and "back in the game". It's time to heal these wounds, recover, and become the new man I am destined to be. It's time to shed this skin and grow a new "tougher" one! Deep down I felt as if a poison had been sucked out of my body, and oddly enough I was finding strength I didn't know I had. Tomorrow I would open up an account on Match, upload a few photos, and begin meeting tons of beautiful women! My life was about to get a whole lot better! (So I thought)...

My First Baby Step Into Online Dating:  

Early the next afternoon I was awoken by the obnoxious sound of my alarm clock hissing at me as if it was some sort of wild beast in heat. My eyes slowly opened as I lay there and performed the "mental checklist" of what I had to do today. 1st was clean up the mess that was sure to haunt me in the other room, and the 2nd was to create a new online dating account, upload my photos, and write the most amazing profile any woman on this planet has ever seen! The ladies were going to come knocking and I was going to have to beat them off with a stick if I wished to survive the onslaught!

I quickly booted up my laptop, navigated to, and eagerly searched the page for the "sign up now" form. I quickly located it and clicked it with laser guided precession and determination. "It's so 'on' now" I thought to myself as I frantically moved my mouse around the screen at a rapid pace. In a spit second, I had answered a few simple questions, typed a little about myself, and paid for a 3-month subscription. This was the first step on my journey to my new found life and happiness with a woman that loves me! All I would have to do now is send out a few messages, set up the dates, and pick the best woman to be my new girlfriend! I remember thinking "this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel" and I smiled knowingly...

This Could Be Trouble:  

After I successfully setup my account, I took a break to finish cleaning up the house and make some breakfast. After I had filled my tummy and taken out about 6 garbage bags full of left over party trash, I settled down in front of my computer and begin to click away on my dating site of choice; Match.

I performed a search for girls in my city, after I specified their age and body type. To my delight the screen was filled with photo after photo of beautiful girls whom I could be dating tomorrow! My heart began to race and a smile covered my face as I vividly imagined all the possibilities in my mind. Time to start messaging these "babes" as I clicked on the first profile and read all about her... "Ya. I would sleep with her!!" I thought...

"Wow". This profile page is pretty detailed I thought. Look at all this information. At least I know what she's into! And look at how much she wrote about herself. It's like a book; I started from the top and read for a while about her life at school, how she loves to play on the beach, and what her turn-off's are when guys message her! It's going to take some time to read all these profiles and send "worthwhile" messages I thought, but the result would be worth it and so I looked forward to the opportunity to reach right out and snatch these girls up like stealing candy from a baby! I buckled down and sent at least ten messages before I passed out early that night; fingers swollen from typing so much and mind racing with the possibilities...

Day In the Life of an Online Dater:  

I woke early the next morning to check my inbox. No replies yet, but it's still early and it hasn't been that long since I sent my messages. I need to give it "more time" and I performed another search for beautiful Latin women in Miami. I "love" having this much control over who I write to as my screen was filled from top to bottom with girls so hot that my screen was about to melt! Or maybe it was just me heating up imaging what I would be doing with some of these girls!! lol

I eagerly clicked from profile to profile like some kind of crackhead looking for the next fix; which in this case was the next gorgeous babe I was going to message! By this time I was getting a little smarter and already had a "copy and paste" template I could use to crank out messages to these unsuspecting women! I am a "genius" I thought! Imagine how many messages I can send if I only had to quickly skim their profiles and enter a few pieces of information here and there. "They will never know" and this will speed up the time it takes to send massages considerably! Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?

So I spent the rest of the day reading profiles and sending about 16 messages to the hottest girls I could find. I smiled knowingly that I had a system in place and it was just a matter of time now until I was talking to the first girl on the phone and I was already imagining our date together!

It's true it took several hours of hard work to read the profiles and send the messages, but it was much better than trying to meet girls at the bar, and I was doing all this from the comfort of my home office. This is "not bad" I thought as I retired from the computer for the day looking forward to an inbox full of messages tomorrow morning...

My 1st Big Achievement:  

I raced from my bed to the office a room away early the next morning, almost kicking the cat in a exodus to get to my computer as soon as humanly possible! I plopped right down in my comfy office chair, and quickly navigated to my "inbox" on Match. The bright light of the monitor slightly stinging my eyes as the sun was barely up...

"There it was!" Shining like a gold coin in front of me. My first reply! "You have mail" the screen said and had the number "#1" painted on my inbox! "Somebody actually wrote back... FINALLY!" and my eyes lit up as I took notice of how pretty this girl was that replied! I opened the message and thought to myself "This is so easy! I should have been doing this long ago!"

I began to read the message "Howie. Thanks for the beautiful message. You are so cute!" it read. She continued on by asking more about me, and I indulged her by telling her all about myself and even requested her phone number at the end of my reply. I couldn't wait to be on a date with this girl! "Is she amazing" I thought? Even if she is not, I can meet so many more like this! I have a system now and it works!!

If sending out 16 messages got me a hot girl already, I can sit here even longer today "copy and pasting" and send out at least 30-40 messages! That was my goal! And with my new and improved template in hand, I painstakingly messaged girl after girl with my cute introduction message. All the time I slaved away, I just thought in the back of my mind how this will all be worth it when I am dating ALL these hot women I met easily online and showing them off to my "dumbfounded" friends!

My First Huge Problem:  

Little did I know I was to "smart" for my own good as I was about to get "busted!". I logged in early the next morning to my Match account, and found "5" new replies today! My heart skipped a beat as I thought "Ahhhhh Ya Baby! Come to Daddy! This is too easy..."

I eagerly opened the first message, and it was from a beautiful girl who "busted" me for sending her a boring "copy and paste" message! "This is a fluke" I thought. "How could she know?" and I moved on to the next message. And there it was again! Another girl calling me out for sending her a canned "copy and paste" message! This one came along with the text "I bet you send this to all the girls and just change a few things here and there!".

She wasn't wrong. The rest of the messages had about the same tone, and called me out again and again. "They are smarter than I thought!" It was clear that if I was going to be successful online dating, I was going to have to come up with a much more original template and take much more time reading the profiles and customizing the template to make it really specific to the person reading it. "This is going to take a ton of time" I thought and went off to work with this in the back of my mind; weighing on me heavily...

I came home later that night and spent no less than 5 hours in front of the computer reading profiles and sending heartfelt messages to some girls and highly detailed and customized messages to others using my templates. This is taking a ton of time, and is not as easy as I thought. "This is hard work! It's like a second job!!"

Things Jut Got Much Worse:  

After a full week of sending messages I got very few replies. Most women thanked me for my message but did not show me much attention. I was burned out from all the time sending messages to total strangers and that didn't write back. I didn't feel like typing more messages and getting rejected. I flipped on the TV, grabbed a beer, curled up on the couch, and began to worry that I was never going to meet a girl online this way and that I was destined to be alone forever!

The next few days, I was too bummed out to login and send messages. Instead I passed the time away by playing video games and watching movies. I began to think that I made a "huge mistake" by breaking up with Rachael! As bad as it was, at least I had a girl to talk to and chill with. And we slept together once in a blue moon, and that was pretty nice! Being alone really sucks! Being with her wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe I should call her an apologize and hope she will take me back? "No! Horrible idea..."

My Moment of Clarity:  

All I know is If I continue to do nothing I will never meet a new girl. "I have to make this online dating thing work!" But how?" I am a software engineer. I solve problems for a living. There has got to be a better way to make this happen and without so much time and work!"

I began to analyze the situation. Girls are not replying to me for a number of reasons. First a lot of these accounts might be old and the girls don't even login to check their messages anymore. Match does not even show how inactive these accounts are, and it could be nobody logged into some of these accounts for 6+ months or more! Hence inactive accounts don't reply...

Furthermore I am sure the really pretty girls get a ton of messages from guys just like me. They probably don't have time to reply to everyone and are very selective of whom they do reply to. So the introduction message has got to be super "high quality". Not to mention if the girls read something in my message or profile that they don't like, my message will sure be ungraciously deposited into the "round file!" AKA deleted!!

It's clear to be successful at online dating I have to adhere to a numbers principal. There is no way I am going to know which profiles are active or not. And even more importantly, I have no idea of knowing which girls are going to like me and which ones are going to reply and write back. It's obvious to me now that I need a quick and reliable way of creating unique messages for these girls and an even faster way of sending them out! Without taking up all of my free time and getting me so emotionally involved...

My New and Improved Plan:  

It was at this exact moment that the idea for "Online Dating Genie" was born! I would create a software application for my computer that is as smart as a human being when it comes to writing messages. Just like a human, it will read their profiles, and respond in the exact same way that I would -- if I was spending 45 minutes writing each message! The idea was beginning to take shape. I would "tell" the software how I would react to various interests and attributes found on their profiles, and insert a phrase accordingly. The software would then be capable of creating these messages very quickly and the best thing is that they will read like a genuine "heartfelt" message to anyone reading it! ... and girls will respond! Now it was time to write out the specs, and hire some coders to "make this happen!"

I spent the next few weeks carefully studying the job boards like "" to find the best programmers in the world to make Genie a reality. After speaking with several of them, it was clear this was going to be an expensive project. Some even quoted prices as high as $467,973.31 to make Genie come to life! It was clear that if I was going to make this software happen, I would need some serious investors!

I spent the next several weeks pitching the idea to friends, family, and just about anyone that would listen! Turns out there are plenty of guys out there that would love an easy to use system for meeting women online from home using only their computer. Nearly three months later I had enough initial investors to start hiring programmers.

I conducted the interviews, choose the best applicants, and began hiring "programmers" to write Genie from scratch. It was a nightmare! I spent the next year and a half hiring and firing nearly 18 freelance "coders!" There was always a problem. They were behind schedule, over budget, or just not technically competent to write this remarkable piece of software. It was clear now that if I wanted to get this done, I was going to have to quit my job, go full-time into the software business and take this project in-house! Once again I grabbed "my balls" and quit my job...

I founded Online Dating Automation Tools, rented some office space and quickly filled it with IKEA office furniture! Once again I was on the job boards actively searching the country for the best programmers to come work for me on my dream project. My big break came when I met a fellow named "Lee" who was a genius programmer, and fully "understood" my vision! ... And Better yet he had a solid plan on how to attack this problem!

Under my new lead programmers guidance, we quickly hired several more junior coders to fill the remaining spots, as well as a IT guy to keep the computers up and running, and a receptionist to take phone calls and make us coffee. A new family was born and we were on a mission together with a singular goal for success! Things were really coming together now...

It has taken us over 4 1/2 years and well over $50,000.00 to develop Online Dating Genie. The good news is that it came out even better than expected as so many brilliant minds contributed to its design and creation. For the first time ever the world has a tool to effortlessly meet women online by automating the process of creating detailed custom messages to users of online dating sites and sending them out in milliseconds. For the first time in history it's possible to send out 250 messages a day on 5 dating sites and get countless replies! Online dating is now easy and fun again; as it should be!!

A New Day:  

I have my new tool in hand. She's out of the bottle -- I thought! It was the result of 10,000's of long hours working, lots of money, and sweat and tears that would fill a dozen buckets. But version 1.0 is done and now it's time to let this beast wild on my home computer! I quickly installed the software, wrote my initial introduction template, chose a few hundred profiles to message, and sat back in my chair, with my cat on my lap and my coffee in my hand, as Online Dating Genie sent detailed message after message to tons of hot girls on total autopilot while I slowly sipped away and smiled!

I was living my dream. I was sitting back, doing nothing, as Genie was working hard for me to get me dates. She is the equivalent of 25 "hard working" assistants all with 1 goal in mind; improving my love life! The last 4 1/2 years are worth it when I think back on this moment and watch the software over-perform! Within minutes, my inbox began to fill up with reply after reply from beautiful women who loved my message to them and wanted to speak with me on the phone. Many of them volunteered their phone number on the very first message! Just a few hours into using Genie and I had already met more women than I have in the last two years combined! I am beginning to think that this was all worth it...

Looking Back At The Old Me:  

Looking back almost 5 years now, it's hard to believe how desperate I was back then. I was alone, sad, depressed and hopeless. I never thought I would find another girl that loves me. I went on a few dates, had some mini relationships, but haven't found the girl that "deserves me" as her prize! Remembering how long I used to spend writing online dating messages "the old fashioned way" I giggle out loud and them smirk knowingly -- those days are over "man"! I have "My Genie" now and this baby is NOT going "back in the bottle" anytime soon!! She's mine forever!! I remember where I came from, but the future is so much brighter...

I Did It; Mission Accomplished!  

In 3 months I was able to get 86 phone numbers from beautiful women! I have dated many gorgeous women in the last 6 months and chose the very best one of them to be my new girlfriend. Cindy is a beautiful brunette with a fit body, lovely smile, warm heart and a genuine love and affection for me! For the first time in my life I am truly happy with my life and my girlfriend. I have a brand new woman by my side who adores me and we have a fun and healthy relationship together. And lots of sex...

I ran into Rachel, my ex, a few days ago while I was at the gym working out with Cindy, and she almost fell over the leg machine when she saw me with my new trophy girlfriend! Revenge is sweet, but living a happy life of abundance where I am "truly happy" is the real reward...

The Future is Bright: 

Life is much better now. I was able to quit my dead-end job and start my own software company which pays the bills. I have always dreamed of being my own boss. And now I am living that life-style and making my own rules. The best part is that I have a beautiful woman on my side who I can really see myself being with for some time to come. But if it doesn't work out with her, I have Online Dating Genie in my pocket to go out and find me a new girlfriend any time I want. It's nice to have options...

For the first time I have the power. For the first time I have complete control of my love life and I am living in the "abundance mentality". I know that it's easy for me to meet women now and I am less "needy" because of it. I can meet girls any time I want now. At the click of a switch with little to no effort on my part! The Genie will be with me forever. The software is my dream come true. She saved me from depression and got me a new girlfriend that loves me, and even put some money in my pocket. Life is good! I would never change a thing...


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Tell Me More About Online Dating Genie

Online Dating Genie is a unique and innovative software application that will save you time and get you the results you want from online dating. If you are looking for a girl-friend or just many more women to date then Genie can make that happen for you...

Genie Is The New Trend In Online Dating!  

Countless men have already discovered just how easy Genie is to use and how powerful the results are. Online Dating Genie has become the new trend for serious online daters from the ages of 21-55 and is used by students, professionals, and single fathers alike to reach their dating goals!

Online Dating Without Genie
Is Time Consuming & Frustrating!

Without the Genie, online dating can be frustrating and time consuming. Sending messages to women who don't respond to your emails is a complete waste of time and not a whole lot of fun. The sense of rejection is not worth it, and is no longer necessary with Genie.

Online Dating Is A Numbers Game So
You Need Online Dating Genie To Be Successful...

Online dating is a numbers game. In order to be successful you need to send out a huge amounts of "high-quality" and "customized" introduction messages in order to get a good response rate. Genie will do this for you without breaking a sweat!

Genie Automates The Process Of
Sending "High Quality" Messages
To Daters Of Your Choice!

The better your profile pictures look and the better your profile reads the better, but after that it comes down to volume and quality to be successful. You just never know which profiles will respond until you actually take the time to write to them. Hence the need to send a lot of messages daily...

Genie Sends Custom Messages
Based On Profile Attributes...  

Online Dating Genie can create and send "human quality" messages based on bits and pieces taken from the recipients own profile in milliseconds. Imagine automatically commenting on their ethnicity, interests or even their pet dog. Genie can do it!

The Messages Genie Sends
Are On Par With Full Human Quality!!  

The messages sent are literally indistinguishable from an email you spent hours writing yourself. Genie can be easily trained to use your very own speech patterns to make the messages ready truly authentic. And all in a few quick mouse clicks! Just tell Genie how you would comment on certain attributes and she'll do the rest!

Online Dating Genie
Is Your Personal Virtual Dating Assistant!!

Online Dating Genie is like your own team of 25 virtual dating assistants who tirelessly work 24x7 to get you dates. That is her only purpose. The software sends messages throughout the day and night consistently, week after week in order to find women interested in dating you and delivers phone numbers directly to your inbox.

Point, Click & Seduce
With Online Dating Genie!!  

Online Dating Genie ties all the popular online dating sites together in one intuitive and easy to use interface. Search and message girls from, Plenty of Fish (POF), JDate, OKCupid & Zoosk on complete autopilot. Simply tell the software which beautiful women you want to flirt with or message and Genie will do the heavy lifting of writing and sending the message to 100's of profiles of your choice on complete autopilot.

Genie Even Follows Up
With Non Responders For You Automatically!!  

Furthermore, Online Dating Genie will even follow-up automatically with every women you sent an "introduction" message to but who did not write back. Persistency is the key to success with online dating, and Genie completely automates this labor intensive task. The more "recognizable" you are to a women the better your chances or her responding to you.

Online Dating Genie Will
Reduce The Time You Spend Online!!  

Genie will significantly decrease the amount of time you spend "online dating" and will dramatically increase the time spent actually going on "real dates" with beautiful women and having fun.

Genie Makes Online Dating Fun Again!!  

Online Dating Genie makes online dating fun again by eliminating the frustration and rejection normally associated with online dating and makes it the enjoyable past time it should have always been. Get the success you deserve with Online Dating Genie now.


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Anyone Can
Master Genie In Seconds...

Online Dating Genie has been built and designed with the core fundamental belief that it should be easy to use and natural to understand, no matter what your proficiency level is with computers.


Vigorously Tested &
Improved Upon to Make It Simple

The software has been vigorously designed and re-designed after extensive user testing, to make it so easy to use that a monkey can do it.


Genie Is Extremely Easy To Use

We literally poured 100's of hours of research into how to make the program as easy to use as humanly possible and we finally perfected it!

Discover Powerful Free Tools In Your Arsenal..

Just look at the tools we offer to our users to make Genie a synch to learn. You can rest assured that you can put Genie to work within a few minutes of installing it and use it at expert level in no-time.


  BUILT IN INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS: Genie ships with a built-in interactive tutorial that literally holds your hand and watches over your shoulder as you configure to work with the software for the very first time. In 6-simple steps, you will be up and running and done discovering the software inside and out.
  NUMEROUS ICON TIPS: Just mouse over ANY function within the software and you will be provided with a "quick tool tip" that explains exactly how that function works. Super easy to learn what every button does by just mouseovering in the software.
  COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO TUTORIALS: Our site is packed with numerous video tutorials that walk and guide you through every step of using Genie in vivid detail. Watch and listen as an expert leads you through the "in's" and "out's" of getting the most out of Genie.
  GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATED USER MANUAL: If you prefer reading to watching videos, we have painstakingly created a user manual that will guide you in vivid "step by step" detail on the function and setup of every feature in the program.
  HELP BUILT RIGHT INTO THE SOFTWARE: Quickly look up any feature or function in detail with 1-click in the comprehensive "included" field manual for success guide that ships "built-in" with every copy of Genie. Answers to any question can be found here...
  FREE LIVE TECH SUPPORT: If you have purchased the Professional version of Genie, a live support agent will spend an hour with you walking you through the installation and setup of Genie. He will even share some secret tips on how to use it better!

  INTERACTIVE DEMONSTRATION BY A HUMAN ON YOUR COMPUTER: As part of the premium live support package offered with the Professional Version, an agent will work with you on your very own computer to ensure the software is configured properly and running at optimized settings!
  24 HOUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT: A sharp crew of employees mans the computers 24x7 to answer technical support emails and provide assistance. You can reach someone any time to help and guide you with any question or issue you might have with the software.


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    OBJECTION: Online Dating Hasn't Worked For Me In the Past! Why Would It Now?
    ANSWER: You Have Never Dated Like This. Genie Works 24x7 Getting Dates For You.
    OBJECTION: Online Dating Genie Costs to Much!
    ANSWER: What Is Happiness Worth To You? Genie Can Be Paid Off In Time With 0% Interest.
    OBJECTION: I Wont Be Able To Handle All The Responses I Receive To My Inbox!
    ANSWER: No Problem. Genie Can Be Paused When You Have Received Enough Messages!
    OBJECTION: I Am Not That Good With Computers & I Don't Have Time to Learn the Software!
    ANSWER: Genie Is Effortless To Learn. Includes a Step by Step Tutorial For Quick Mastery.
    OBJECTION: Meeting & Dating Will Take Up All My Free Time & Cause Me Stress!
    ANSWER: The Software Adds Women To Your Life. Embrace The Female Energy.
    OBJECTION: My Computer Is Too Old and Not Fast Enough to Run This!
    ANSWER: Not A Problem. Genie Will Run Fine Even On Older Machines.
    OBJECTION: The Messages Sent Will Look Fake Or Computer Generated!
    ANSWER: This is NOT True. Genie Sends Messages On Par With Human Quality.
    OBJECTION: I Have No Idea How To Write Messages For Online Dating!
    ANSWER: No Problem. The Pro Version Ships With Many Ready To Blast Messages!
    OBJECTION: I Don't Want To Wait For Stuff To Show Up In the Mail. I Want It Now!
    ANSWER: All Goods Are Digital & Delivered Immediately After Payment Has Been Confirmed. No Waiting.
    OBJECTION: I Have a MAC and Not a PC! It Won't Run!
    ANSWER: We Are Working on a Mac Version. For Now Use The Parallels Emulator to Run on a Mac.
    OBJECTION: My Account Will Be Banned!
    ANSWER: No. It Will Not! Genie Operates Just Like A Human Being. It Just Rarely Takes Breaks.
    OBJECTION: I Think The Claims Made Here Are Too Bold to Be True!
    ANSWER: You Have NO Risk. Try The Software Free for 30 Days or Return it in 90 Days for a Full Refund.

Countless guy's have met their wives
and girlfriends using online dating.

All Your Favorite Sites in One Place

Manage all your favorite online dating sites in one intuitive interface. Use advanced search criteria to select users to wink & message all within Online Dating Genie.

  Send Unique Messages on Autopilot

Create custom message templates using pieces of data taken directly from the recipients profile page. You can even create rules to send specific messages to users who meet certain criteria.

  Automatically Follow-Up With Daters

Send up to 5 follow-up messages automatically to daters who have not responded to your initial introduction message. Persistence results in a flood of responses filling your inbox!


"This software has totally transformed my dating life! My response rate has gone up 1000% and the quality of my dates has increased substantially! Now online dating is super easy and effective..."

John D; Los Angeles, CA.

"Online dating was like a second job. I used to spend all my free time on the computer until I purchased Online Dating Genie. Now I spend my free time actually going on dates!"

Michael R; Chicago, IL.

"I was about to give up on online dating. I was not getting many responses to my copy and paste emails. Then I purchased Online Dating Genie and immediately begun meeting beautiful women in my city. Would highly recommend to anyone serious about online dating!"

Ryan G; Miami, FL.


Online Dating Made Easy;
Date More Beautiful Women Now!

Answers To the Most
 Commonly Asked Questions...

  Q: I have failed at online dating before. It's tedious. Why is this any different?
A: Genie makes online dating FUN again by automating the painful process of writing and sending custom messages to users on the 5 largest dating sites.
  Q: I suck at writing online dating messages. I have no idea what to write. What do I do?
A: Online Dating Genie ships with stock messages to use that will quickly get you results!
  Q: Is a credit card or email address required to try out your software?
A: Absolutely NOT! You can download the program for free with NO credit card and NO email address.
  Q: What are some of the limitations of the Basic version versus the Professional version of Genie?
A: The Professional version sends unlimited messages vs. 25 with Basic.
  Q: What are some other differences between the Basic and the Professional versions?
A: You have access to "follow-up" messages & "smart message templates" in the Pro version.
  Q: Is Genie hard to use? How long does it take to fully understand it?
A:  Not at all & very little time. A great deal of effort was made so that it is extremely easy to learn and master.
  Q: Do I have to be good with computers to use Online Dating Genie?
A: No! Genie was written for both the computer novice and professional nerds!
  Q: I understand you are only selling 100 copies of Genie & then you are stopping it forever. How many copies do you have left?
A: As of the last update we are down to 23 licenses available. We are almost sold out.
  Q: Once I order how long does it take to setup?
A: You can have Genie licensed and installed in around 30 seconds after purchase.
  Q: How realistic do the messages sound that Genie creates and sends?
A: The messages Genie creates and sends are on par with human quality.
  Q: What do I need to run Online Dating Genie?
A: Genie will run on any Windows PC Running 8, 7, Vista & XP.
  Q: What if I have a MAC?
A:  We are working on creating a MAC version. For now use an emulator like Parallels.

Read More Frequently Asked Questions Here...

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Genie Is The Most Effective Technique
For Sending High-Quality Messages To Online Daters;
It Both Decreases Labor Time & Increases Volume Sent Considerably

This graph represents one day of use from an actual user who has spent about 4 hours writing messages by hand; the traditional way. The messages sent were a combination of copy and paste templates with some user data filled in for uniqueness, as well as completely custom messages sent to high quality targets. Because of the work load for this user, he was only able to send 27 unique messages in this time frame. Using Genie the same user has reduced his "manual labor" time to only 3 minutes (down from 243), and has sent out 250 messages (vs. 27) in one day across all 5 supported sites; the daily maximums. Furthermore the software has painstakingly customized each and every message being sent to ensure it is unique and specific for the recipient. By using Genie this customer was able to save considerable time and manual labor and achieve a result far superior to doing the same task manually without Genie.

It's clear Genie is the most effective technique for sending high quality messages with a minimal amount of manual labor and time.

Genie Increases Your Reply Rate Considerably;
As Well As Quality of Messages Sent
Which Directly Correlates To A Much Higher Rate
of Phone Number Acquisition & Collection

This graph represents a 5 month period for an actual user before and after he started using the software. In the first month he received only 5 replies and slightly more the second month with 7. From the 12 replies total, he received 1 phone number. About mid-way through month 2, this user began using Genie to send messages. The huge increase in volume of messages being sent is evident. Also because the quality of the messages also went up, so did the number of phone numbers received over the next 3 months. This user has collected 86 phone numbers since he started using Genie vs. 1 before.

Genie will significantly increase both the volume of messages you can send in any given month considerably and also increase the quality of the messages being sent resulting in a much higher success rate for gathering phone numbers of high quality prospects.

Genie Is a Sound Investment;
In the Long Run It Costs Far Less Than Traditional Dating

This graph represents a 6 month period of an actual Genie user in Los Angeles, California who invested in a "Basic License" during month 1. Since then his monthly expenditure for "going out" to harvest numbers has dropped to 0 since he can now do this same task from home at no cost. A 2nd user who has yet to purchase Genie has supplied us with his monthly recipients for costs involved with "going out" to "cold approach" in order to gather phone numbers. The figures displayed include combined costs for club entrance fees, parking, valet, drinks, tips, ATM fees, taxi rides, late nigh meals, covering friends, etc. Over the span of 6 months, these expenditures are significantly  higher than the initial cost of Genie, and his actual success rate for gathering phone numbers was limited in average to 1-2 per night. Far less than the average Genie user.

Despite the "moderate" initial cost of purchasing Genie, it has been shown that in the long run it costs considerably less than traditional dating techniques for harvesting phone numbers via cold approach. It should also be noted that most men are not as good at getting phone numbers from total strangers, and therefore the 1-2 average per week is also skewed downward for most  users.

It's Clear From Our Research That Using Genie Is Far More Effective Use of Time Vs. Not Using It.
The Success Rate For Receiving Messages And Phone Numbers Go Up Considerably With Genie.
Also The Initial Cost of Genie is Significantly Dwarfed By Traditional Dating Expenditures.
Genie Is The Clear Winner In All Of Our Tests For Time, Performance & Cost.

 Copyright: 2013 - Internet Dating Alliance Association

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"Be Straight Up. This Tool Kicks Ass!
Why Would You Ever Sell It?
It Makes NO Sense!"


At this point you might be asking yourself why am I selling this software, if I originally created it for myself. The answer is simple...

Because I Am Not The Only One
Who Has Experienced Frustration
With Online Dating

Somewhere along the road of developing this beast, it occurred to me that other guys have the same problems with online dating as I do, and are probably as frustrated with it as I was then.


I Made My Own Tool
For Meeting The Most Attractive Women Online

However when I searched high and low all over the internet for a tool like Genie, I found nothing. So I decided to have this software developed myself. You guys are lucky enough to have found my web site. The solution to your online dating problems is going to be much easier and faster than it was for me.


This Tool Cost Me a Lot To Make &
Took a Very Long Time to Develop

It took me $50,000.00 dollars and 4 years of my life to develop Online Dating Genie. It has been built for power and performance.

Now It's Time To
Release This Beast Into The Wild


Now I am releasing it onto the "open road" for the first time by letting the public have access to the very same tool that I have been using successfully to date the most beautiful women on the internet in my city!

But Why Am I Releasing
This Product To The Public Now?

I am selling this software to you now for a limited time for 2 reasons:

1: I truly from the bottom of my heart want to help other guys like me who were tired of either being alone or in a dead-end relationship. If I can help 5 guys find love with my software and many more get into successful relationships because of it, then I can feel proud of my creation, and the time spent over last 4 years of my life to make this real.

I Can't Lie To you...
My Reasons Are Partially Selfish...

It Cost Me a Lot to Develop &
I Want My Money Returned!


2: The second reason I am selling this software is because I spent a lot of damn money to create it and I want to recover part of my investment! Yes. I want to make my money back. But I am not greedy. I will only be selling 100 copies to recover my investment and them I am cutting it off forever. Supply is almost gone.

This Software Is Being Sold
 To Help
Other Guys Like Myself
Find Girlfriends & To Recover My HUGE
In Getting This Beast Coded From Scratch!


What Do Our Customers
Think of Online Dating Genie?

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This Is Your Last Chance!
Only 100 Copies Will Be Sold!
Purchase Now Before It's Too Late!!

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  • Select users from various online dating sites to automatically wink & message!
  • Take the hard work out of online dating and significantly increase response rates!
  • Choose from custom templates to quickly customize the unique messages being sent!
  • Every message that is sent is customized for the intended recipient on dating sites!
  • Automatically wink users of your choice to show your interest with our software!
  • Automatically follows up with daters you messaged until they respond!


Online Dating Genie works on Match, Plenty of Fish (POF), Jdate, Zoosk, & OKCupid.

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Aplication Homepage


Without Online Dating Genie
Dating Is Hard...

It's The Same Old Dead-end Grind
Of Singles Bars & Clubs...


Without Online Dating Genie you will continue to struggle to get beautiful women in your life. You will find yourself frequenting bars and night clubs to meet women who are indifferent to you and not interested in dating because they "have a boyfriend".

Being Alone Really Sucks...


You sit at home alone on the weekends because you have no girl of your own to take out to dinner and dancing. All your friends seem to have a beautiful woman in their lives, but you don't. Why is it so hard for me?

A Dead-End Relationship Is Even Worst!


Even worst, your existing dead-end relationship continues on because you have no other (better) options. So you stay with a woman who doesn't treat you right because you don't think any other woman will have you. Is this it for me?

Take The First Step To
Changing Your Life & Stop Being Alone...


Do you really want life to continue like this when you can change it all now? You too can have beautiful women in your life. All you have to do is BELIEVE NOW and download or purchase Genie.

You Have 30 Days to Try the Software
And a Full
90 Day (3-Month) Refund Policy


We urge you to take the time to at least download and try Online Dating Genie FREE for 30 days. We are sure it will solve the problem of not having enough women to date in your life, add pleasure and romance, and remove the negative feelings of being "alone".

No Risk Free Trial; Download in Seconds
Point, Click & Seduce NOW!!


The trial will tease you with possibilities, so when you are really ready to step up you game, purchase the full licensed version of Online Dating Genie, and sit back as she works 24x7 to get you dates for this coming week and beyond; completely unleashed!



Here's What To Do AFTER She Shows Up for the Date...

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